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Anglican Cursillo Tasmania


Cursillistas love to make banners. They are a celebration of the memorable times experienced at a Cursillo weekend. The first ten below show how they are also used as a supportive greeting from other dioceses. Just hold your cursor over each thumbnail. To read longer descriptions you need to right-click on the thumbnail, ignore the menu displayed then left click on the enlarged image. You will then be able to scroll to see all of the description.

This altar frontal is a gift from the Brisbane Diocese. Designed by Jennifer Andrews Created by Heather Davidson.

A gift from Armidale.

To the first Cursillo in Tasmania with love from the Anglican Diocese of Bathurst 1995. Designer: Jill Stubbs Painter: John Antezarh Maker: Lorraine Day.

Diocese banner.The banner has been lovingly made by Carol Romoser, one of our Cursillistas, and Diocesan Lay Director from 2001 to 2004.
Carol writes:
The Cross represents sacrifice, redemption and overwhelming love. It reminds us of the price that Jesus paid for us all, and it is through this sacrifice that we come to the Father. John 14:6 -
Jesus answered, `I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.
The Dove represents the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy and peace. The Spirit is sent as a gift from God, the promise for us all who are called by God. As our counsellor, the Holy Spirit has been sent in the name of Jesus to teach us all things and to remind us of all that Jesus said. It is through the power of the Holy Spirit that our gifts are released and activated, thereby enabling us to be true witnesses for Christ. Cursillo reminds us that Christ is counting on us to be his people in the world.
The Ribbons represent the rainbow - a symbol of Cursillo - showing the many colours of God's love.

A gift from the Diocese of Gippsland which brought Cursillo to Tasmania in 1995. Made by Lynne Beaty Women's 3 Gippsland.
A Palanca from Gippsland.
Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ. De Colores.
My Palanca to the people of Tasmania comes in this banner. It gave me pleasure, and a lot of time to pray as I sewed. May God fill you with His abundant blessings as you share in this Cursillo walk with Him.
My thoughts will be with you.
Your sister in Christ.
Sue Watts. Gippsland.

"De Colores" from Rockhampton Diocese. Can you spot the difference between the two banners?

Sydney greets Tasmanian Cursillo

Donated to the Cursillo Movement in June 2003. Made by Marylin Hickton (W8).

From Cursillistas of Gippsland.Design: Jan Dalgleish Gipps W8 & Lynne Beaty Gipps W3 Made by: Jan Dalgleish.

This banner is Palanca from Tas. Women's 5

Women's 7 April 1999. Woodfield Lodge Dysart, Tasmania. Donated by Barbara Bowes.

Women's 9 2000. Made by: Carol Romoser & Jenny Ogilvie.

Women's 1 & 2 1995. Made by Jan Dalgleish Gippsland W8


Women's 12 2002

Men's 12 2002

The theme for the weekend was "Who we are in Christ."
Made by Gillian Hill (W07A)
It could not be decided if it should finish with a question mark
(Who we are in Christ?) or with an exclamation mark (Who we are in Christ!)
It finished up with a full stop as that is the common bit of a question mark and an exclamation mark.
The Banner reflects these options.
Gillian writes..... To Men's 15,
This is my explanation for the banner, as best I can.
From the beginning of an idea, I knew in my heart that the bible verse was central to the design. I was compelled to have the word of God written for all to see. As your theme WHO WE ARE IN CHRIST was on a ribbon banner, in the symbol, it made me think of the song "His banner over me is Love". As the word of God was given to each generation with love, so the words of your theme words evolved on a banner.
The hearts underneath "bright and shining" represent both the Love of God for man and our love for Him and His Word. They are in a direct line above the symbol.
I saw the symbol as clay ready to be worked (hence the slight and uneven padding). It is the perfect circle of the wholeness of Christ encompassing both the question and exclamation of "who we are in Christ" with the full stop the common mark of both. The "Men's 15" is in the position of the mouth, indicating both team and candidates are within the circle of Christ, so they may speak the words of our Lord through the leading of the holy Spirit. The whole resembles a head, which again relates to Christ as the head of the body.
The hands uplifting, holding, are ready to make us the work of His hand. This is why the hands blend in colour with the clay, for we are formed in His image. The hearts on the hands remind us we are fashioned with love and rainbows because it is a logo of Cursillo. The rainbow is the message of hope, God's promise, and we are the bright colours of His creation.
The bottom banner is your theme, and a reminder to us all to consider "Who we are in Christ".
The colours of the banner are the earth colours. The red background reminds us of Christ's blood spilt for us, and the symbolic colour of Pentecost, the gift of the Spirit. It is all above the rainbow fringe.
Long winded but I hope it helps, as this is how my heart and mind, with God's leading, created the banner.
De Colores

Women's 13 Banner - Maker: Gai Cunningham
Gai writes-
13 is the number of Depravity and Rebellion but 13 in the company of 8 equals blessing. Jesus is represented by 888 so Rebellion meeting Jesus is blessing all round.
Originally, I was commissioned by the Lord to make scarves and a banner. So I set out to buy some brightly coloured wools but each time I tried I was stopped by the Lord. When I finally asked him what to do, I was directed to some wool I'd bought for making a garment but had stopped because it stood by itself and was unwearable. This I used as the basis of my creations.
Using a pattern for making a rug I crocheted a grid of 8 holes across by a multiple of 13 holes long and into the openings I threaded crocheted chain in many colours that I had unearthed at home. Every scarf had 8 colours. I crocheted every day but worried I would not get it ready on time. Two falls later and a broken bone in my elbow, I could concentrate daily on only the scarves. 5 scarves were made differently and these came together in the banner. Yellow circle is sun like warmth of the Cursillo camp. The threads were of every colour used and represented every person who came and was woven into the team. The threads that came in were of three strands one of the colours, one red for the blood of Jesus and one gold representing our value in God's eyes. A three stranded cord is not easily broken.
W13 was added in yellow. I had the rainbow ribbon and the support was the pole I used to push my washing down under the water. All up the whole cost me nothing. There was one scarf left over and that one went to the late comer. At the very last I gave over the whole to God as I suspected many people would not like their scarf. God took the grumblings of his people as he usually does and accepted all the long hours of crocheting from me. This banner was made based on the scripture theme of the weekend, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God." I presented it to the ladies at a team meeting before the weekend. It was a lovely surprise as they were not expecting it. Women's 13 were very distinctive as their scarves reflect the banner.

Every day God. Made by Dawn Chandler for W14.

Women's 14

Women's 15

Made by Janine Targett (W8) for W15. The wording was made general by using "your" Cursillo. It has been used at subsequent weekends as a welcome banner.

Women's 16

Women's 17. Made by Gwen Kingham. Note - signed by all members on the weekend.

Men's 17 "Abba Father." Made by Gwen Kingham

Women's 18

Women's 19 2006

Women's 20

Women's 20a

Women's 21

Women's 22

Women's 23

Women's 24 August 2010 Made by Helen Wills
Theme: Moulded by the Potter's Hand.
The treasure of our Lord, as in those as signed on the "pot of Gold" at the bottom of the rainbow.
Hand made felt from fine merino wool, appliqued and gold leaf applied.
2 Corinthians 4:7
For we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency of the power might be of God and not of us.

Women's 29 Whoever has the Son has Life 1 John 5:12a Made by Marilyn Hickton W8 My thoughts centred around life given to us by God. I thought of a tree as a symbol of life. In Genesis the tree of life was in the middle of the garden. Jesus was crucified on a tree to give us life. In Revelation 22:2 the tree of life adorns the Holy City. I felt the banner must have a rainbow, of course. There was a little picture on my notice board, of a dancing Jesus as The Lord of the Dance encircled with a rainbow, which inspired the rainbow around the tree. A couple of times from a plane window I have glimpsed a small circular rainbow mingled in the clouds below. The fruit of the tree is the fruit of the spirit which is life given to us to sustain us and to share with others. De Colores