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Men's and Women's 31

The weekends are over for 2017. You can still see the teams in the password protected section.

Forms and Documents

Application Form. Here is a repeat link for your convenience. Application Form Discuss it with your minister.
Cash Receipts. Use this handy form when collecting money- eg Rainbow box, Weekend fees etc. Click here!
Cursillo Brochure. Have a look at the "Growing in the love of God" brochure. It is a handy alternative to the standard one.
Cursillo Directory. This may be accessed in the password protected section. See below. If you wish to advise of changes please contact our database coordinator, Rev Peter Blyth.
Rainbow Connection. The March issue is now available in the password section below.If you would prefer a hard copy please contact the editor:email
Safe Ministry. It is important that Cursillistas familiarise themselves with the safe ministry requirements of the Tasmanian Anglican Diocese. These are fully set out in the Tasmanian Anglican website. This link will take you through to the appropriate page.click here
Sponsoring a candidate? Check out the helpful advice in these brochures. Click here! and Here!
Secretariat. Here is an excellent summary of the roles of the various members of the Tasmanian Cursillo Secretariat.Yes, there are vacancies which you may like to think about.Click here! and Here! for the detailed version.
Talk Guidelines. These are to guide speakers at 3 Day weekends as they prepare their talks. Click here!

The section below is password protected.

There is nothing particularly secret about Cursillo but sometimes there may be personal information in documentation that people would prefer not to be in the public domain. Please click in the login box below and enter the password.This will bring up Cursillo Happenings

Cursillistas may obtain a password by contacting wbjames@iinet.net.au.

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